A geoarchaeological desk-based assessment can be key in identifying any archaeological risks to a project at an early stage, particularly where there may be deeply buried deposits such as urban or river valley settings, but also in large scale schemes which pass through different landscape types.

Our specialist team are expert in a wide range of evidence-types and data which they use to help identify, characterise and evaluate archaeological and palaeoenvironmental potential. Deposit modelling often plays a key part in accurately predicting zones which need further investigation. This approach is favoured with organisations such as Historic England who provide curatorial oversight and can help ensure a project successfully passes through planning.


Sander Aerts

Environmental Manager

Sander Aerts

Alex Brown

Geoarchaeology Manager

Alex Brown

Andrew Shaw

Principal Geoarchaeologist

Andrew Shaw


Project design and execution

Non-intrusive assessment

Review and collation of existing sub-surface data

Gap analysis

Deposit modelling

Landscape characterisation

Identification of research questions


Scheme-wide research frameworks

Targeting of any necessary intrusive works

Illustration of areas of archaeological potential

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