In September as part of Coastal & Marine’s skill development and programme of increasing capacity, I attended the Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation (OPITO) approved Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (BOSIET) course with Compressed Air Emergency Breathing Systems (CAEBS) and Escape Chute Training (ECT) at Warsash Maritime Academy in Southampton.
Over three days using a mix of theory classes, practical training and tests I was instructed in how to travel safely by helicopter to offshore installations, how to live and work safely in that environment and how to respond to offshore emergencies on an installation. This was broken down into a safety induction, firefighting, self-rescue, sea survival, and helicopter safety and escape. Though very full on and serious in its content and aim, there were lighter moments during the three days, being number 15 in a line of people naming ways of raising an alarm requires some invention. The skills taught were a combination of new in many cases, such as the self-rescue, and helicopter safety and escape training, and the reinforcement of others, such as first aid and sea survival skills, so helping to build up our knowledge and competency to deal with situations we might encounter offshore or during transit. 
As a follow-up to this course myself and my colleagues in Coastal & Marine who hold BOSIET certificates have also had our shoulder measurements taken due to a change in the requirements for working offshore. This is to ensure that individuals are seated in locations in a helicopter that allow for them to exit from the nearest authorised underwater escape exit.
My successful completion of the course, along with another colleague who did the course in Aberdeen, means that Coastal & Marine’s team of BOSIET trained staff has doubled to four, plus the qualified geophysics team members, giving Wessex Archaeology extra capacity and resilience, and with many new and exciting projects coming up I look forward to a busy time ahead working with stake holders, developers, and the offshore industry.