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Coastal & Marine

I have worked for Wessex Archaeology’s Coastal & Marine Team, based in the Salisbury office since 2016 as the Historic Environment Fisheries Liaison Officer implementing the Fishing Industry Protocol for Archaeological Discoveries. This role demands a high level of public engagement skill. I also undertake rapid desk-based assessments of Ministry of Defence-owned wrecks, as well as finds recording and assessment, archaeological recording, and watching briefs on a wide variety of sites.

I have become expert in the assessment of 19th- 20th century merchant and naval ships, and ordnance and have previous experience in human remains processing and disaster management services. 

I am an experienced recreational diver with qualifications that allow me to work underwater using SCUBA through equivalence. I am also a member of the Nautical Archaeological Society and a keen croquet player in my spare time.

I’m passionate about learning and sharing that knowledge with the wider community.