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Geoarchaeology & Environmental

I joined Wessex Archaeology in 2017 as part of the geoarchaeology team based in Salisbury. My expertise is in the reconstruction of former landscapes and environmental change at and below the present-day seabed, dating from a time when sea level was much lower than today. Undertaking geoarchaeology in marine and coastal settings has its challenges and I rely heavily on being able to integrate marine geophysics with sedimentary and palaeoenvironmetal information to build a picture of landscape change.

I’m driven in my job to find answers and solutions to challenging problems. In particular, how to integrate and correlate fragmentary evidence to understand past environments, how they changed through time, and the impact this would have had on prehistoric communities.

Outside of work I enjoy cooking and my goal is to become good enough to compete at Master Chef level (I’ve got a long way to go!). I also enjoy running, mainly because it allows me to eat all the food I cook.