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I am a 3D artist that specialise in character and creature creation. I absolutely love the satisfaction I get from creating a character from concept design stage, right through to bringing it to life with animation.

I love recreating things from the past so working for Wessex Archaeology is a fantastic opportunity for me to show what I do best, as well as develop my skills further.

I graduated from Bradford University in 2021 with a Graphics for Games degree where I focused primarily on the visuals in games. I initially started with hard modelling and environments, but during my education, I decided to focus on characters which I found an immense passion for and I decided to make it my specialism.

Before I joined Wessex Archaeology’s Studio, I worked on freelance projects and undertook voluntary work creating numerous stylised characters and creatures for a charity.

During my free time, I play a lot of games with my friends, and I have always been a fan of the horror genre. I have a lot of love for hiking and nature. In my evenings I am also teaching myself French.