Wessex Archaeology’s Coastal & Marine team are experienced and knowledgeable in examining submerged and foreshore heritage in still water environments, river banks and streams and canal or canalside structures. Through research and site survey we study the archaeological remains that provide valuable insight into how people lived in the past.

Recording a wreck during an intertidal fieldwork Recording an intertidal fish trap in South Uist Recording a wreck during an intertidal fieldwork

Our professionals can help in any aspect of fieldwork including wading, diving, walkovers, recording archaeological features by hand or using the latest technology, collecting environmental samples and interpreting and presenting results. Our highly experienced team can also work alongside field or vessel crews to recognise and respond to heritage remains encountered during the course of development.

Appointing Wessex Archaeology to undertake an intertidal or foreshore survey ensures you access to our full wealth of services to guarantee that archaeological impacts are understood and mitigated in the planning stages and can help to avoid lengthy delays further down the line.

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