We can help you meet planning conditions surrounding the historic environment to deliver your developments on time and on budget.

With an emphasis on targeted, proportionate solutions, our experience and knowledge are invaluable at all stages of your planning process, from design input through to the discharge of a planning condition.

Initial advice

Our Consultancy team offers expert advice and support from the start of a project. From a single-storey renovation to a large-scale infrastructure project, we can provide an insight into what you’re likely to encounter and guidance on how to successfully navigate the planning process.


Our expert team produces assessments which are often submitted in conjunction with planning applications. We’ll identify any likely heritage constraints which may be present at a development site and give our expert opinion on the best course of action. 

Recording & management

We create bespoke conservation and management strategies for sites across the historic environment sector. Our team has an extensive track record in recording and managing historic buildings and structures, from Second World War pillboxes to 11th century cathedrals, as part of a planning condition or a wider programme of mitigation.


Our guidance gives you peace of mind by outlining known and potential archaeological features and deposits or built heritage elements on a site and suggesting a structure for exploring them using the latest, most appropriate and cost-effective techniques. We meet the highest professional standards and satisfy requirements set by local authorities with our targeted, pragmatic solutions.

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+44 1722 326867