Wessex Archaeology is the undisputed industry leader in marine archaeological and heritage solutions, offering an integrated range of services relevant to the marine environment and associated marine planning systems. We deliver these in UK, European and international waters, working on projects around the world. 

We have the largest capacity globally in this area, supporting projects of varying sizes in a diverse range of sectors. We combine academic and technical rigour with a highly practical focus on helping you understand and manage heritage on your sites. 


We offer expert advice and support from the start of a project to help you understand the process and provide an insight into the archaeological assets you’re likely to encounter in coastal, marine and riverine environments.


We use the latest technology to effectively interpret and characterise potential archaeological features and submerged landscapes on shore and underwater, building up a clear picture for you about the subsequent management or mitigation works likely to be required.  


Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in undertaking fieldwork in intertidal and submerged environments. We use creative combinations of traditional and high-tech techniques which deliver a safe, timely and cost-effective mitigation strategy. We also work alongside your field or vessel crews to recognise and respond to heritage encountered during the course of development. 


We use cutting-edge technology to capture data and record submerged archaeological landscapes, features, wrecks, artefacts and associated buildings. This creates a lasting, comprehensive record of the historic environment, so that you can deliver a high-quality product to the Planning Authority and the public. 

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+44 1722 326867