Since 1980, when an embryonic Wessex Archaeology was formed, archaeologists have been recovering information about Salisbury.

Not much is known of this work – we think it’s about time you learnt about it.

Salisbury sites

Each week for the next year, we’ll be releasing news of a Salisbury site to form an important part of the puzzle that tells the story of the city.

Some of the results will appear more interesting than others - that’s the nature of archaeology! 

They cover all aspects of our work, including survey, geophysics, making records of standing buildings, excavation and finds. Collectively, they all contribute to the story. Some sites may never become accessible again.

map showing the Salisbury sites

The results will be brought together in a large illustrated report containing description and interpretation to be published online by Wessex Archaeology.

So, dip into our weekly webpage release below - you’ll be surprised at what you find out!

Phil Harding, Fieldwork Archaeologist 


Salisbury Uncovered film

We want to bring the story of Salisbury to life in a special film with Phil Harding - but we need your help to do it.

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