Through surveys and evaluation works, our expert team confirms the accurate assessment of the significance of surviving archaeological remains or standing buildings and their settings likely to be affected by development, and the scope of mitigation works subsequently required. 

Our Fieldwork team have the capacity to deliver the scope of mitigation works agreed with Planning Authorities, from a simple watching brief to a full-scale invasive excavation across all terrestrial, intertidal and marine environments.

Site survey

Wessex Archaeology offers outstanding expertise in a range of survey techniques. Surveys are an invaluable method of assessing archaeological potential for planning requirements, providing swift, safe and cost-effective results for projects. We use the latest technological advances to survey sites, in conjunction with other techniques, to ensure that mitigation works are safe and targeted. 

Site evaluation

Planning authorities often require evaluation works to help them decide whether more detailed archaeological work is required before a development is approved. We deliver targeted evaluations to rapidly investigate a sample of a site, usually between 2% and 5%, and provide our expert advice to help your project move smoothly through the planning process. 

Mitigation works

We provide high quality mitigation works for sites which have a planning requirement pertaining to the historic environment. Our professionalism is recognised and trusted across the UK, with the capacity to deliver large-scale, cost-effective archaeological works without compromising on quality. As a charity, we can also help you achieve your community engagement and legacy goals at this stage.  

Site recording

We use the latest, cutting-edge technology to capture data and record archaeological landscapes, features, buildings and artefacts. This ensures that a more accurate and comprehensive record is created of the historic environment of your site so that we can deliver a higher-quality product to the Planning Authority and the public. 

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