Our dedicated specialists study the archaeological and documentary evidence that tells the story of our seafaring past. Our work ranges from diving on ships, submarines and aircraft wrecks, to researching all facets of our wider marine and maritime heritage.

With a strong reputation for quality and innovation, we combine academic rigour with a highly practical focus on helping our clients understand and manage their heritage. Our clients include national agencies, national museums, government bodies and local communities.

Marine specialist recording the HMS Victory Marine specialist recording wreck on the seabed

Wealth of experience

Projects span a wide range of themes – whether it is undertaking strategic studies; studying the shipwright’s timber marks on HMS Victory; researching the maritime past of the west coast of Scotland through community engagement and knowledge sourcing; or researching and sharing the story behind the loss of the World War I troop ship SS Mendi.

Archaeological remains, archives, museums, private collections and community interest groups provide a wealth of information. Our team of specialists is one of the largest operating today and has invaluable experience in gathering, interpreting, recording and protecting our vast maritime heritage.

Strategic Studies

Marine & Maritime Heritage Research

Stakeholder & Community Engagement

Historic Vessel Conservation Management

Marine and Maritime Heritage Conservation Management

Analysis of Wreck Remains and Artefacts

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